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mission statement

We solve the problem of inadequate cyber security for a variety of ever-changing trends of threats landscape. No matter what level of resources organizations spend on security today, we find they still have compromised intellectual property, data, and systems. Respond Team is here to fill the gaps of vulnerabilities and threat detection within both external and internal level.



Penetration test services

Automated vulnerability scanners always
Fail to identify certain types of security flaws Which raise the necessity of manual Penetration test.


Internet Of Things security

Allowing devices to connect to the internet opens them up to a number of serious vulnerabilities if they are not properly protected.

Vulnerability assessment services

A comprehensive evaluation of a systems and networks for exposed vulnerabilities without conducting direct exploitation.

service details

Penetration test

Respond Team is ready to perform high quality web application penetration test. Identifying vulnerabilities in a range of different web technologies by executing and developing modern Cyber attack techniques after deep consideration of the target environment elements, possible threats and attack vectors.

Respond Team offers internal and/or external network security assessment, which stimulating real time network attacks from Internal access source and/or external one, to identify the risk behind possible attacker access level in order to build clear vision toward possible disasters cases ,relate to the internal or external network based technology which target use.

Respond Team is ready to perform penetration test for IoT devices and networks. to identify possible attack victors starting by IoT network penetration capability then device take over and services manipulation security tests.

Respond Team offers Social Engineering test by deeply studying the clients business model and employ work environment in order to develop case based social engineering scenarios.

Respond Team is open to help startups and innovations community by providing security research for new and emerging technology to consider possible attack victors and avoid architectural security vulnerabilities which non also by vulnerability by design issues.

Vulnerability assessment services

Respond Team is providing regular vulnerability scanning services compound of several vulnerability detection engine.

Incident response services

Respond Team offer EIRT the detection capability ,by running this kind of test the organization will have good understanding for the incident response detection time average , possible detection bypassing techniques and much more.

Application Protection Services

Looking to help our clients to implement security best practice and attack defense techniques by applying high secure web security configuration.

about us

We has roots and strong focus on ensuring the best-in-class for advanced cyber intrusion attacks simulation and application security. The company founders are deeply involved in the cybersecurity industry with proven track record supporting the largest and best-of-the-best organizations and products on the web today. We are focusing on securing applications ,Infostructure and networks. We also developing cyber attacks techniques as the potential threat actor might do in order to identify possible threats as early as possible. Within the ranks of Respond Team®, Inc. there is no shortage of constant industry proficiency to deliver the most current solutions by keeping up to date with cyber attacks evolution and security best practices.


Security test standards

OWASP Top 10

Test methodology

Black Box
Grey Box
White Box

Security testing stages

Information gathering
Enumeration and scanning
Vulnerability detection
Threat modeling
Intruding and exploitation
Post exploitation
Remediation and validation


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