The Respond Team is an amazing, diverse group of highly-skilled, internationally-recognized cyber security consultants, experts, and enthusiasts who came together to help businesses of all sizes address cyber security.
The Respond Team members have years of experience in both offensive security (ethical hacking, penetration testing and vulnerability assessments) and defensive security as part of White Hat teams, or Blue teams. We have helped expose critical application security vulnerabilities in many governments, publically traded organizations, and private sector companies. Our team has been involved in engagements with the US Department of Defense, Facebook Inc., Twitter Inc., Apple Inc., Tesla Inc., AT&T Inc., Yahoo Inc., Avast Antivirus, Nod32 Antivirus, and Symantec Antivirus.



The Respond Team members are passionate about offensive security. We are active leaders in the bug-bounty community and have access to private offensive security events where 0-days are usually discovered or created.

We do not follow the conventional security assessment methodologies. We have developed our own methodologies and enterprise-grade tools to get our clients the best possible results. We are engagement-driven, rather than business driven.

While The Respond Team core expertise is in offensive security, we also have industry experts on global vulnerability, compliance management, incident response, cyber defense, and developing security policies and awareness programs.



The Respond Team can offer a premium suite of information security products, as well as security services and educational programs that are among the best available anywhere. The company prides itself on continuously improving, in order to insure it can deliver the best security solutions for legacy and emerging technologies.
The Response Team will not come to an engagement, tell you everything you have done wrong, and then leave. We develop a long term, mutually beneficial relationship with all of our clients, since the security landscape is always evolving. We provide a long term solution, not just a temporary patch.

Products And Services

The Respond team has created a robust suite of solutions to cover a broad spectrum of cyber security problems, arising threats, security program gaps, and emerging technological directives. The company is focused on providing an ongoing, long term strategy that always emphasizes best practices. This method is filling the need for enhanced and proactive security methods.
We address the following key areas with our customized, hybrid approach of security services and products.

VIP Cyber Guard

  • Real Time Cyber Security Alert
  • Security Guard Communication Management
  • Property and Vehicle Tracking Prevention
  • Anti-Cyber Tracking
  • Device and Authentication Security Management


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