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The Respond Team is an amazing, diverse group of highly-skilled, internationally-recognized cybersecurity consultants, experts, and enthusiasts who came together to help businesses of all sizes address cyber security.
The Respond Team members have years of experience in both offensive security (ethical hacking, penetration testing and vulnerability assessments) and defensive security as part of White Hat teams, or Blue teams. We have helped expose critical application security vulnerabilities in many governments, publically traded organizations, and private sector companies. Our team has been involved in engagements with the US Department of Defense, Facebook Inc., Twitter Inc., Apple Inc., Tesla Inc., AT&T Inc., Yahoo Inc., Avast Antivirus, Nod32 Antivirus, and Symantec Antivirus.

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The Respond Team  mission is to solve the problem of inadequate cyber security for a variety of ever-changing trends of threats landscape.

No matter what level of resources organizations spend on network, application, or systems security today; we find they still have compromised intellectual property, data, and systems.

We are coming together to detect vulnerabilities at earlier stages, and detecting security threads within both external and internal approach.