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We has roots and strong focus on ensuring the best-in-class for advanced cyber intrusion attacks simulation and application security. The company founders are deeply involved in the cybersecurity industry with proven track record supporting the largest and best-of-the-best organizations and products on the web today.

We are focusing on securing applications, then systems and networks. We are developing our own cyber-attacks techniques as the potential threat actor might do in order to identify possible threats as early as possible. Within the ranks of The Respond Team there is no shortage of constant industry proficiency to deliver the most current solutions by keeping up to date with cyber-attacks evolution and security best practices.

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The Respond Team  mission is to solve the problem of inadequate cyber security for a variety of ever-changing trends of threats landscape.

No matter what level of resources organizations spend on network, application, or systems security today; we find they still have compromised intellectual property, data, and systems.

We are coming together to detect vulnerabilities at earlier stages, and detecting security threads within both external and internal approach.